César Souto, Luis Avilés, 86', 2015, Spain
Directed by César Souto and Luis Avilés
Photography: David Rodríguez Muñiz
Music: Fabio González
Editing: Cristina Liz
Camera: Armando Duarte, Jesús Santos, Mayra Hernández
Executive producer: Iván Patiño
Production company: Amanita Films

In 1992, the construction of the dam Lindoso (Portugal) forever flooded the villages Aceredo and Buscalque (Ourense, Galicia). Its inhabitants could do nothing to save their land and their homes. Knowing that everything was about to be lost, several neighbors took their domestic cameras and started to record.
Their footage, recorded since the mid-60s, compose a valuable historical and ethnographic evidence, colored by their subjectivity and their experiences. The footage is, at the same time, a demonstration of faith in the possibilities how home movies can register the time in which we have to live. Beyond the intimacy, there is revealed a portrait of the mechanisms how Power is acting. The tension between the existential and the political, between past time and present reality, determine a story that projects in multiple ways beyond itself.



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