Lamaland (Teil I)

Pablo Sigg, 91', 2018, Mexico-Switzerland
Written, produced and directed by Pablo Sigg
Production Company: SIGGFILM
Producer: Nico Pascal
Cinematography and Sound: Pablo Sigg
Editing: Emilio del Cañal
Music: Richard Wagner, James Tenney, Friedrich Nietzsche
Cast: Friedrich Schweikhart (F), Max Josef Schweikhart (M)

Fated to live in a radical state of isolation in the paradise lost called Nueva Germania, the two surviving descendants of the Aryan colony founded by Friedrich Nietzsche’s sister in the Paraguayan jungle have their ultimate destiny revealed to them through a spontaneous breakdown of the fossilized order of their daily existence. It is as if the dark forces of time, the gods of the air and of the elements were calling for the end of the men who dreamt of a world with one history, one language, one deity, one race and one territory. LAMALAND was made in Nueva Germania, Paraguay, with Friedrich and Max Josef Schweikhart, direct survivors of the Utopian community imagined by Richard Wagner and established in the south of the Amazonia at the end of the 19th century by Elisabeth Förster-Nietzsche. Due to her unwavering “South American stubbornness,” her brother Friedrich called her –with a sarcastic affection, perhaps– “Llama.”


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