Antonio Díaz Huerta, 80'', 2018, Galicia
Director: Antonio Díaz Huerta
Producers: Sergio Frade, Luisa Romeo, Gentzane Osaba
Writter: Antonio Díaz Huerta, Sergio Frade
Cinematography: Jon Aguirresarobe
Editing: Susana Sotelo
Music: Vicente Barrière

Aitor was born with congenital glaucoma that led to loss of vision in his right eye when he was only 14 years old. Although his doctors advised him not to surf again, he decided not to follow their recommendations and lost his sight in a fateful accident while he was surfing. He was 39 years old. Today, five years after his accident, Aitor wants to prove that people with disabilities are able to face any challenge they set themselves, but for that he will need to get physically and mentally ready. Above all, he will need to overcome his doubts and fears of reliving the accident that left him blind.


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