Manuel Valcárcel, 62', 2023, Spain
Director: Manuel Valcárcel
Producers: Iván Patiño, María Elena Álvarez
Cinematography: Manuel Valcárcel
Editing: Lucía Estévez
Music: Óscar Maceda

Circo Nevada is a feature-length documentary that revolves around the experiences of the members of Circo Nevada during the time they remained in Monforte de Lemos, Lugo due to the restrictions in mobility decreed by the Spanish Government during the state of alarm. The film shows their emotions, the difficulties of facing an increasingly distressing situation, unable to return to their homes and unable to perform. Little by little a microcosm is created, a faithful reflection of the society in which we live, where social classes became more and more separated as the pandemic progressed.



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