Fernando Lopes, 74', 1964, Portugal
Written and directed by Fernando Lopes
Cinematography: Augusto Cabrita
Music: Manuel Jorge Veloso
Sound: Heliodoro Pires
Editing: Manuel Ruas
Production: António da Cunha Telles
Distribution: Doperfilme
Com/Cast: Belarmino Fragoso, Maria Amélia Fragoso, Ana Maria Saulo, Albano Martins, Tony Alonso, Bernardo Moreira, Jean-Pierre Gebler, Júlia Buisel, Maria Teresa Noronha Bastos e Baptista-Bastos (interviewer)

The portrait of a former boxer, Belarmino Fragoso, in his dérives through a Lisbon that no longer exists. Solitude, fear and defeat intersect in a film that juggles documentary, drama and interview as it moves through old cinema lobbies and night clubs. The first feature-length work by Fernando Lopes, with a moody jazz score by Manuel Jorge Veloso and radiant photography by Augusto Cabrita, this is one of the emblematic films of Portuguese Cinema Novo.



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