Alberto García-Alix. La Línea de la Sombra

Nicolás Combarro, 82', 2017, Spain
Director: Nicolás Combarro
Producers: Miguel Ángel Delgado
Writers: Nicolás Combarro
Cinematography: Miguel Ángel Delgado
Editing: Juan Ugarriza, Miguel Ángel Delgado
Music: David García Díaz
Cast: Alberto García-Alix

Alberto García-Alix. The Shadow Line is the portrait of one of the most-recognized authors of the recent international photographic panorama, and a reference of a whole generation. The film is a direct testimony of the lights and shadows that the artist has had to go through to find his way. Narrated from the intimacy of his studio, it proposes a journey between present and past, a dialogue between his life and his work.


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