A Opção ou As Rosas da Estrada

Ozualdo Candeias, 87', 1981, Brazil
Director, screenwriter, director of photography, editor and producer: Ozualdo R. Candeias
Production company: Prodsul Film Productions, Secretary of State for Culture of the Government of São Paulo and Embrafilme
Cast: Carmen Angélica, Alan Fontaine, Cristina Gondinho, Carmen Ortega, Virgílio Roveda, Lair Norton, Júlio Veloso, Zé Risonho, Cláudia Camargo and Jasa

Based on firsthand experiences and combining documentary and fiction, Candeias delves into the plight of exploited rural women who cut sugar cane and live in crumbling neighborhoods along the highway. Dreaming of a better life, and with no other option than prostitution, many of them hit the road towards the big city, where new ways of exploitation awaits them.


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