The Margin

Ozualdo Candeias, 96', 1967, Brazil
Director, screenwriter, editor and producer: Ozualdo R. Candeias
Director of photography: Belarmino Manccini
Soundtrack: Luiz Chaves e Zimbo Trio
Cast: Mário Benvenutti, Valéria Vidal, Bentinho, Lucy Rangel, Telé, Karé, Paula Ra-mos, Brigitte, Ana F. Mendonça, Paulo Gaeta and Nelson Gasparini

Inspired by real events published in popular tabloids, the film narrates the daily experiences of four characters living on the margins of the Tietê River, in São Paulo. They first observe the coming of a woman along the river, announcing their imminent death, which will occur in the second part of the film.


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