Saturday 2nd / 12:30 am / Sala Metropol Tui
10 €
Behind the name Aaries lie the wonderful voices of two sisters, Ayana and Ayinke Hipps, one of the "best kept secrets" of the new generation of female soul and R´n´B singers in the United States.

At an early age, Ayana and Ayinke showed a special talent for combining gospel music from the Baptist churches of Virginia with the influence of great singers such as Lionel Ritchie, Nancy Wilson or Sade.

Their success was not long in coming, particularly after their sensational appearance on the musical scene of Philadelphia hand in hand with Musiq SoulChild, with whom Ayana recorded the hit "Girlnextdoor". From then on they have frequently appear at many venues, either on their own or in colaboration with other artists of the stature of The Roots, Jill Scott or Jaguar Wright amongst others.

From 2011, Ayana and Ayinke, under the name Aaries have clearly ceased to be "best kept secrets" ("Best Kept Secrets" - title of their next single) and their name is now on everyone´s lips. Proof of this is the magnificient welcome that has attended their version of the classic song "Don´t Give it Up" by Quincy Jones-Michael Jackson.

Aaries appear along with Erykah Badu, Estelle, Mc Lyte, Jean Grea and many other artists in the documentary "Say My Name", a story of women who are able to transform adversity into art. This film will be shown during Play-Doc 2011.