Director: Nirit Peled
Producers: Dave Hemmingway, Nirit Peled
Production Company: Mamamess
Editing: Chris Scheer, Christopher Hills-Wright
Sound: Dave Hemmingway
Cinematography: Dave Hemmingway, Nirit Peled
Cast: Estelle, Mc Lyte, Eryka Badu, Roxanne Shante, Jean Grae, Remy Ma, Monie Love, Rah Digga, Invincible, Chocolate Thai, Mystic, Sparky Dee, Shanika, Miz Korona, Trinie, GTA Crew, Geogia Girls, Big Manda, Aaries
In a hip-hop and R&B world dominated by men, female lyricists in this documentary speak candidly about pursuing their passions as female emcees, the film presents the personal stories of women balancing professional dreams with the realities of urban life, racism, sexism and motherhood.
Living Colour Entertainment BV