Directors: Nayra & Javier Sanz Fuentes
Producer: Jana Safu
Screenplay: Nayra & Javier Sanz Fuentes
Editing: Nayra & Javier Sanz Fuentes
Cinematography: Nayra & Javier Sanz Fuentes, Michael Sandoval
Music: José Luis Maire, Marta Morales.
Con Antón Lamazares, Carlos Oroza, Carlos G. Reigosa, Javier Fuentes Feo.

Speed, consumption and technological excess have turned into the fundamental parameters of our contemporary world. In such a context, in which the above mentioned realities are completely submited to the generation of permanent economic benefits, it becomes urgent to raise the following question: what place do painting and poetry still have as routes of approximation to our existence in the 21st century? In a trip without a fixed destination, the painter Antón Lamazares meets several friends and relatives with whom he thinks over some decisive subjects such as Spirituality, Childhood, Time, Memory or Death.


Nayra Sanz