Founded by Christophe (Chryde) Abric in September 2003, La Blogothèque was initially created as a way to transmit Christophe’s love for, knowledge of and interest in independent music, using the Internet and the many mediums it can support to share information. Since then, La Blogothèque has grown significantly – not only as a concept but as a portal, hosting approximately 400 exclusive videos and over 4,000 articles, and welcoming 11,000 Unique Visitors per day.
Receiving worldwide recognition as the “taste maker” for independent music, La Blogothèque is an international brand with an equally international audience. The site serves as the music lover’s - and artist’s – source for articles and news releases, exclusive interviews with independent artists, and, more recently, for a very unique experience: Concerts a Emporter (Take Away Shows).
The first Take Away Show was filmed in April of 2006, just north of Paris with the group The Spinto Band. Chryde was looking to create an original and high quality series of videos for La Blogothèque. He was interested in showing artists performing outside of more traditional concert venues and playing in every day life settings; in creating documentaries of sorts. Following that first shoot, Chryde and Vincent Moon, along with several other directors, have filmed Take Away Shows with hundreds of bands; the musicians singing and playing while walking in the street or in parks, sitting on stairwells or riding in elevators, all the while interacting with those around them and using their surroundings to enhance the experience. To-date, there have been over 200 Take Away Shows filmed, including: REM, Arcade Fire, Beirut, Tom Jones, Fleet Foxes, Yo la Tengo, and many more.
On this occasion Chryde will be at Play-Doc presenting this interesting and amazing project.