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Jamshid was born 21st March,1959. He was the only son of a rich lawyer who was happy of having a son after 4 daughters. But Jamshid with learning and mental disorders, couldn't satisfy his father's ambitions. Despite all he never gave up his hopes of making his only son a successful man, and sent him to the UK, where he constantly changed colleges and artistic schools, and never finished any course during 10 years. In the time he spent in Europe, he read a lot of classic literature masterpieces and showed a big interest in classic music and artistic Cinema. After the Iranian Revolution he was deported from UK and sent back to Iran, where he worked in diferent jobs. His arranged marriage with an ordinary woman,Tayebe, who wanted a "normal" life, only worsened the situation and Jamshid underwent many depression phases. He decided then to devote himself to his only passion, and started painting and selling his angry, sad and full of fear paintings in the streets of Teheran, city were he had two exhibitions in 2005 and in 2006. His subversive and naive works, explore the unkown sides of the human soul. Completely out of the mainstream currents, Jamshid paintings will be shown and for sale at Play-Doc, in his first international exhibition.

Jamshid Aminfar is the main character of ‘Cyanosis’ a short documentary directed by Rokhsareh Ghaemmaghami, presented in the Official Competive Programme.